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Focus on happiness

  • happiness day March 20th is the International Day of Happiness! - March 20th is a day to celebrate! You may not know it yet, but March 20th is The International Day of Happiness  – so let’s celebrate together with the rest of the world. The Day was established by the United Nation because it is that important to …
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  • IMG_0734 Copenhagen Botanical Gardens  Tropical Greenhouse 4 Are you longing for the Spring? - In 2014 Denmark had the darkest January in ages… More precisely we had only 17 hours of sun in the whole month. To me it felt like we had no sun at all.- so I am thinking of getting my hands on a bit of Spring in advance.
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  • Mette Vesterager Happiness interview #2: Mette Vesterager - Happiness interview with Mette Vesterager Mette is the owner of Novalead and an independent consultant, coach and speaker working in the intersection between business, technology and people.  She is 38 years old and lives just outside Copenhagen. What made you happy today? This afternoon I helped a person out …
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  • Discover your happiness Do you kiff? - Do you kiff? It takes some regular training to become happier, and one of the exercices is to savour what goes well, so often it becomes a habit. By savouring, we mean: 1/ Notice the good things 2/ Stop, breathe, and say to yourself (or to someboy …
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  • laughing girls Be polite. Be healthy. Be happy. - Be polite. Be healthy. Be happy. We all know that saying “thank you” is good manners, but now science is proving that expressing gratitude is also good for you. A daily fix of gratitude promotes health, happiness and positive social relationships, according to Dr. Robert A. Emmons …
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Take a step to a happier you

Afternoon Happiness workshop

happy amanda

A new, pleasurable and meaningful way to spend a weekend afternoon.


3 hours of happiness as a present

woman looking at you

3 hours to discover the first keys to a happier version of you, from the comfort of your home.


Evening Happiness workshop

Self care

3 hours to enjoy learning the first steps to your own happiness style


Curiosity Journal

  • IMG_2521
  • Somebody loves necklaces
  • A 3D birthday card!
  • Would you guess this is chocolate?
  • Tangerine peeling contest!
  • Wooden dragon
  • To me this looks like a painting
  • I found Hansel & Gretel's house
  • This red made my day


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